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At Yellow Boxcar, we understand the importance of creating an effective website design for your business. We offer affordable web design services to meet your needs and your budget. We work hard to earn your trust and build a professional relationship with you. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about our website services. If you have a question or would like to learn more call us: 206-219-3060.

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Our Website Design and Development Process

  • Step 1 Design Interview: We perform a one-on-one phone interview with you to go over your design requirements. During the interview, we fill out a questionnaire, which helps us understand your vision. Also, during this stage we setup your domain name and provide you access to your email accounts.
  • Step 2 Design Confirmation: Once we have the details filled out, we send you a copy of the interview worksheet for you to check for accuracy. You also add any additional information to the form at that time. Here is where you will input text for the pages we are building, if you didn’t provide it during the interview processes.
  • Step 3 We Go to Work: We go to work and build out the header, footer and basic content layout of your website.
  • Step 4 Draft Review: Once we have a draft of your website completed, we provide a link for you to review the website and ask for your feedback. If your website needs design edits, we make them at this time and ask for your approval to move forward.
  • Step 5 Edits: We continue to work with you to provide several rounds of edits as we build the website you’ve requested.
  • Step 6 Website Goes Live: Once all rounds of edits are completed, we request your approval to make the site live on the internet.
  • Step 7 Review and Follow-up: The entire process takes about 2 weeks. We will give you a call to ensure you are happy with the design and ensure things like your contact form is working, the site is looking good on your mobile device. We want to ensure your satisfied with your new website.
  • Step 8 Ongoing Updates: After your website is online for 30 days, you can start requesting additional edits and updates with your monthly updates. We are standing by to help you out. We will never abandon you during the life of your website!

Website Design FAQ

How long will it take before my website goes online?

Normally we can design and launch a website within two weeks. It can take longer depending on how fast you can deliver your website content to us.

Do we need to have a face to face meeting?

90% of our web designs are performed with interviews over the phone and via emails. However, we find that relying on only email is a poor way to build a website, so we ask for at least one initial phone interview or in-person consultation.

How do I send you photos and text?

We use a few methods of sending information to and from our clients. Normally we use electronic methods, such as a third-party file share system. We also have secure data methods of sending electronic communications, for sensitive data. We do accept regular postal services as well for CD, DVD and flash drive delivery as well.

Do you provide content assistance?

Yes, we do provide basic assistance with textual content. Since you know more about your products and services, we do look to you for the majority of your website content. We can help with massaging your content when requested.

Do you provide images for my website?

Yes, we can provide a reasonable number of Professional Stock Images for your website. We work with many several professional stock image providers. We also perform professional photo editing of your personal images and stock photos so they look great online.

What are the features available with my website?

  • Monthly Updates: We take care of changes and additions to your website with our Website Maintenance Plans.
  • Website Editor: You can login to your website and make edits, add pages and post news about your organization.
  • Unlimited website hosting: No need to worry about a web host.
  • Plugins: We install many free plugins on your website. SEO, Optimization and Security plugins are always installed and configured.
  • Each custom web design is mobile viewable. This means your website will look great on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Social media sharing is integrated. This allows your customers to share your website on their social media pages.
  • We offer customized graphics. Your website will be professional and unique.
  • Websites are submitted to all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • We monitor your website performance 24/7. We offer free email service interruption updates and website performance reports.
  • We backup your website with a 30 day cycle of daily backups.
  • SEO is always included on each web page we design. Being found on the web is very important and we can help!


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