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We Build it. We Support it.

Yellow Boxcar Ecommerce websites are advanced web shops, uniquely designed to our customer’s specifications. We are Ecommerce design specialist. Our designs are not the build-it-yourself cookie cutter systems. Our Ecommerce designs showcase your products and services, which you can easily maintain yourself.

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  • Overcome geographical limitations
  • Gain new customers with Search Engine Visibility
  • Provide detailed information for products
  • Sell products, services, ePubs and more online

  • Sell your goods with your mobile website
  • Increase sales with coupons and promotions
  • Daily backups of your ecommerce website
  • Remain open for shopping online 24/7

  • No product limitations
  • Inventory management
  • Professional photo editing of your images
  • Social Media Page branding

Ecommerce Website Features and Services

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Yellow Boxcar offers 100% money back guarantee on web design services. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will refund every penny you spent...

    Money Back Guarantee

    Yellow Boxcar offers 100% money back guarantee on web design services. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will refund every penny you spent on your web design. We don’t subtract any processing fees and we don’t make you jump through hoops. If you don’t like it, you get your money back. Learn More>>

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  • WooCommerce

    We use WooCommerce for your online shop, making your shop easy to manage. Learn more »


    We build each online shop with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a professional Ecommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is provided by the company WooThemes. This user friendly interface enables you to easily manage your online shop. You control the upload and placement of graphics, products and text.


    Watch The Video »

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  • Payment Gateway

    You are in total control of the payment gateway process with our shop designs. Learn more »

    Payment Gateway

    You are in total control of the payment gateway at Yellow Boxcar. With WooCommerce, we can install and configure low cost systems like PayPal Standard and Amazon Payments standard. WooCommerce also supports and other major credit card processing providers. You have lots of payment gateway options with our custom Ecommerce designs. We even offer our partnered solution with CDGCommerce. CDGCommerce offers very low cost monthly plans starting at only $10.00 a month.

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  • Shipping Options

    Shipping is easy with our online shops. We setup, and help you configure shipping zones and cost. Learn more »

    Shipping Options

    In our standard shipping configuration, we offer USPS, FedEx, UPS and other WooCommerce shipping extensions. We help you setup these shipping options for your online shop. If you need additional shipping options, we can help. WooCommerce has tons of shipping options. Additional setup and plugin cost will apply.

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  • No Product Limits

    Load that shop with products, have fun and go crazy! We want you to have options. Learn more »

    No Product Limits

    We never put restrictions on how many products you can place into your online shop. Those do-it-yourself website builder companies put restrictions and limits, we don’t. Place as many products as your disk space can hold. We provide ample storage space for your products so you can sit back and relax. If you ever need more, that's ok we can help. Our storage space cost are very reasonable and flexible.

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  • WooCommerce Add-ons

    WooCommerce has over 200 Extensions and Plugins for your online shop. Learn more »

    WooCommerce Add-ons

    Access to over 200 feature-rich Extensions and Plugins with WooCommerce!  We provide deep discounts on WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions licenses when you purchase through Yellow Boxcar. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we will help you find a solution.

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  • Customer Support

    Tired of waiting on hold with a call center? We offer personalized and friendly support. Learn more »

    Customer Support

    Support isn't simply just a word to us at Yellow Boxcar. It's our foundation. When you purchase a website, online shop or marketing plan with Yellow Boxcar, we provide support at levels not seen in small business. Our company supports your design, websites, email and hosting. In a nutshell, we have you covered. Some companies claim 24/7 support and the best service, but really what your getting is an impersonal support person that might have just started yesterday. Don't get stuck with a call center, we offer personalized support and training.

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  • Social Media

    We put your company on the social media map. Our designs make social media easy! Learn more »

    Social Media

    We include social media share tools with each website and online shop we build. We'll even include social media widgets to make it easy for your site visitors to "like" and follow your company. Being social is fun and helps promote your products and services online. From your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts, your shop or website will have social media icons, and links to your social media pages. Engage with your customers online, all the time.

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  • Marketing and Promotion

    Don't just sell your products online, promote your products online easily with amazing tools. Learn more »

    Marketing and Promotion

    Run coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options for your online shop. It’s your choice. We provide the tools to make it easy for you to market and promote your business. We build online shops using WooCommerce, which a great tool offering lots of options for a variety of campaigns and plugins. We can even help you market your online shop with Google, Bing, Facebook and other marketing companies. Ask us how!

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  • One-Page Checkout

    Yellow Boxcar makes shopping carts easy with the one step checkout process. Learn more »

    One-Page Checkout

    Fewer checkout steps are proven to increase conversions. Allow your customers to check out quickly and efficiently with our distraction-free one-page-checkout. This also includes real-time form validation. The checkout setup can be complex, but we make it simple to use and to manage.

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  • Domain Name Registration

    Register your domain name without hassles. Transfer for free or move your domain anytime. Learn more »

    Domain Name Registration

    When you register your domain with us, you will enjoy email accounts and personal service and support that is unsurpassed. If you have your domain with another provider, we will help you transfer it to Yellow Boxcar for FREE when you purchase a shop or website.

    Register Your Domain


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  • Mobile Ready

    Be mobile with your mobile website. Look great on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones with one website. Learn more »

    Mobile Ready

    Each website and online shop we design is mobile responsive, when you select a mobile responsive WordPress theme. This custom coding method enables your online shop to be viewable on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Give your customers the option to shop on-the-go. No need to pay for a mobile-only version of your online shop.

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  • Performance Monitoring

    View performance statistics and outage reports for your online shop or website 24/7. Learn more »

    Performance Monitoring

    Website and online shop Performance Monitoring is included with many of our plans. Yellow Boxcar provides a cloud based PRTG active monitoring system to our customers. PRTG is an enterprise level Network Management System, which actively monitors download times, page content changes and bandwidth usage of your website or online shop. This system will keep you aware of the status of your websites performance 24/7.

    PRTG Managed Monitoring

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  • Backups and Recovery

    Yellow Boxcar stores your website or online shops backups on Amazon AWS S3 Cloud. Learn more »

    Backups and Recovery

    Backups are included in every website and online shop we build. Backups are a must. We have all experienced the loss of some important data. If that data is your website or online shop, that can equal lost revenue and headaches. Since each of our websites and online shops allow you to edit and update them daily, you need daily backups stored in a safe location. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and maintain your daily backups.

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  • Email Accounts

    We include email accounts which match your domain name with every website or web store. Learn more »

    Email Accounts

    When you purchase a Website or Online Shop with Yellow Boxcar, we provide your company with personalized email accounts. Your email account can be accessed via web interface, on your mobile device or PC client. Email accounts will match your domain name. If you domain name is "company123", your email address will be something like

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  • Website Security

    Securing your website or online shop is a top priority here at Yellow Boxcar. Learn more »

    Website Security

    Website security is an import issue to every website administrator today. We take measures to secure your web designs both on the back-end and front-end of our systems. If all else fails, we always keep a daily copy of your website or online shop as a backup in our secured server. This is a fail safe in case of the unthinkable. We have your back.

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  • Stock Photography

    Connect with your audience through powerful visuals. We help you select the right images. Learn more »

    Stock Photography

    Research shows that brands using visual content achieve a greater engagement with their customers. Stock Photography is used on many online shops and websites today. These photos are pictures of models or even actresses or actors, places and things. These photos help enhance your website or online shop to visually explain products and services, without you ever needing to hire professional photographers. We use stock image providers such as 123RF, Fotolia, BigStock, ShutterStock, iStock and others.

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  • WordPress Designs

    WordPress is used by over 68 million websites and counting. Let's build yours today! Learn more »

    WordPress Designs

    We custom build websites and online shops using WordPress, a non-proprietary open-source interface. Combined with WordPress, we also use many custom theme options and providers, such as Elegant Themes and WooThemes. WordPress is used by over 67 million online sites and counting. WordPress has a wonderful user friendly interface that is easy to learn and widely supported. Check out this video overview of WordPress.

    Designed With WordPress

    Watch The Video »

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  • Photo Editing

    We are Adobe Photoshop experts. Editing photos and creating custom graphics is in our blood. Learn more »

    Photo Editing

    Taking a pictures of your products is simple. However, sometimes you need a little Photoshop magic to make them come to life. We are Adobe Photoshop Professionals with years of photo editing experience. We take a simple snapshot and make it an amazing photo! We even enhance stock images. Pretty slick stuff!

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  • Graphic Designs

    We are professional graphic designers. Designing cool things isn't a job, it's a breath of fresh air. Learn more »

    Graphic Designs

    Customers purchase your products with their eyes, so having excellent graphics helps to make sales, no doubt about it. Our graphic designs are custom and made-to-order. Let us produce high quality graphics that are a feast for the eyes for your customers. We can even hand draw illustrations and graphically enhance your photos. We're here to help your online presence shine!

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  • Account Panel

    All shops and websites we build have a web based login. You can access them with a mobile App. Learn more »

    Account Panel

    Making changes and updating your online shop is simple with our WordPress CMS interface. Yellow Boxcar's WordPress has a user friendly web based layout that makes your online shop or website a breeze to manage and maintain. With two-step Google Authenticator installed, we make your online shop or website secure when you login to your account panel. You can even access your shop or website with the WordPress App. So when your on the road or on the couch, making changes to your online shop or website is a breeze!

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  • Web Alerts

    Get email notifications from us if your website or online shop fails or slows down. Learn more »

    Web Alerts

    Receive email notifications from Yellow Boxcar if your website or online shop fails to respond or simply slows down, effecting your customers user experience. We are a proactive website monitoring company. We consistently monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for content errors, download speeds and response times. We are unlike the other guys, who just watch over their hosting servers NOT your website. If your website or shop isn’t responding or has possibly been hacked, we can email you immediately. Our goal is to ensure your website or shop stays online, all the time.

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